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Appstudio Inc has been assisting the sector for almost ten years. For our devoted clients, we have created outstanding augmented reality apps throughout the years.

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Our team combines text and photos with the most cutting-edge technology components to make them stand out.

The mobile applications created by the professionals at Appstudio Inc have the fundamental power to turn the actual world into a virtual one. Users are completely amused by the total transformation of every image, corner, and colour.

Applications that surpass clients' expectations are created by our highly regarded team of developers with their unmatched skills. You may provide your target audience a cutting-edge and incredibly captivating platform to enjoy augmented reality with us.

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A One-Stop Solution For All Industries

We have delivered fully functional and highly integrated AR apps to many leading brands. We have worked in many industries and provided them with exceptional AR/VR solutions.

  • Business
  • Education
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Travel
  • Health & Fitness
  • Music
  • Photo & Video
  • Food & Drink
  • Medical
  • Finance

We provide several AR/VR services.
To better support your business objectives

Expect nothing less than the finest from Appstudio Inc in terms of the quality and of our AR/VR services.
We provide a number of them to better support your company objectives.

AR/VR App Consultation

All of our clients who have inquiries about how they may use this technology to enhance their businesses can take advantage of our AR/VR app consultancy services.

Data Visualization & Computer Vision Apps

Our team's applications enable our clients to use data in meaningful ways to increase engagement and ROI.

Sensor-based AR/VR Desktop & Mobile Apps

We are one of the few AR/VR service providers to deliver desktop and mobile sensor-based AR/VR apps.

Location-based AR/VR Development

Our location-based AR/VR development services enable firms to successfully market to a specific geographic area.

Visual Recognition Solutions

Our team of AR/VR developers is skilled in implementing photographs, movies, and other visual assets as input to create digital solutions.

Face & Gesture Recognition Platforms

To make the digital environment more convenient, engaging, and secure, we provide face and gesture recognition technologies.


Appstudio Inc is one of the few AR/VR development agencies that collaborate the power of AR/VR with IoT to provide a streamlined experience across several connected devices.

AR/VR App Support & Maintenance

Our AR/VR experts team is there for all your support and maintenance needs even after your project is complete with us!

Business Intelligence Solutions That Are Reliable and Cover Every Domain

Since they enable us to plan, develop, and build architectures and models for your company needs with the utmost convenience, we have decided to include business intelligence systems as part of our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

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While VR transports people to a virtual realm, AR integrates virtual aspects into actual situations.

While AR is more flexible, VR provides a greater sense of immersion. In all honesty, it depends on your looking for.

For VR and AR, respectively, ARCore and Vuforia, and Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4.

The most common languages used for AR/VR development are C and C++, while the Unity engine may also be utilised with C#.

It depends on the duration of the development process, the complexity of the app, the expertise of the developers, the availability of resources, and more.

The price is determined by the complexity of the software, the audience it is designed for, its features, and several other aspects.

Looking at an AR/VR company's skills, experience, portfolio, team size, location, communication method, and customer feedback is the best way to find one.

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