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Client Brief

The application allows users to search for discounts on their prescription drugs and are able to compare the prices of those drugs according to different pharmacies in their location. The application also offers discount coupons to save in their phone storage and also able to share it via Email or Text message.


  • YEAR - 2019

The Solution

In a world where a person has to deal with all sorts of stress, lack of motivation, and experience depressive symptoms, a joyful event or occurrence has the ability to wipe out all the problems for the time being.

App Studio Inc has brought similar joy for customers who deal with prescription drugs or medicines.

usa Rx Mobile Application is the all-time solution for people who face problems such as looking for prescribed drugs at a pharmacy, comparing medicine prices across pharmacies, and high priced medication. By just connecting with the application, users can easily search for their desired medicine, compare its price, and avail discounts.

Core Features

This mobile application has great features which help users to fulfil their
desired requirement and avail the service.

User Profile

The feature enables all users to create and update their profiles according to their needs. Their personal information and the required medicine can be added, and people can easily contact and connect with other users as well.

Search prescription drugs and compare prices

This is an incredible and the main feature of usa Rx Mobile Application. Users can easily search for the desired medicines and compare the prices as well. This attribute has provided customer satisfaction as they can see a price comparison.

Medicinal Reminders

This extraordinary feature has made the application interactive. Users can set dosage related and as well as refill reminders on the application to get notified. This cooperative element will not let users forget about their medication.

Discount Offers

This attribute allows users to avail a discount card which they can use while purchasing the prescribed drugs. Another feature that provides ultimate happiness to the user as everyone loves to avail discounts.

The Result

It is a big deal if the prescribed drug is easily available for customers, at a reasonable price, and after availing a discount. App Studio Inc’s usa Rx Mobile Application has made this possible by successfully developing an application which provides ultimate satisfaction to the user. Our customers are now conveniently buying and selling prescribed drugs by just making a few clicks. The results displayed are highly satisfactory and people are constantly using the application.

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